Web VR Car Interior

Range Rover Velar -Web VR

The MENA Marketing Team of Range Rover has realised that traditional web banners are not catching user attention like they used to. They needed a solution that would create engagement and effectively promote the new features of the 2017 Range Rover Velar.

The objective was to create an online experience that would encourage users across the Middle East and North Africa to interact with the banner, explore the Velar, and generate conversions in the form of booking a test drive; all this without interrupting the user's browsing experience.

The SENSE-R multimedia banner includes a video teaser; an image gallery; and a 360-degree, interactive view of the inside and the outside of the Velar. Information banners, visual and audio hotspot describe the new features of the car in three different languages (Arabic, English and French) and seamlessly lead the viewer from one key selling point to the next.

The novelty of the interactive features motivates viewers to engage and click on the ad before being prompted to register for a visit to the showroom and book a test drive.

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