2018 FIFA World Cup

Augmented Reality FIFA Penalty Game

This easy to set up, and easy to play Augmented Reality game is the ultimate crowd-pleaser for any audience. With six levels of difficulty, it can be the main feature of a fun activation or the ultimate challenge for the "pro-footballer".
In-game branding opportunities can be added on virtually all surfaces (ball, goalkeeper's jersey, banners, flags, on screen, celebration slides, voice, sound and music), providing the perfect opportunity for brands to capitalise on the most popular sport in the World, and ensure maximum brand exposure.

The game is innovative while highly intuitive at the same time. It can be easily scaled up or down to fit any venue or event size.

We made sure it has minimal hardware requirements and can be set up and operated without training.

We also added top-of-the-range visuals and sounds to make the game suitable for large events, venue, mall activations and festivals without a need for a wearable device.

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