Augmented Reality Solutions

Augmented Reality (AR) is the blending of virtual reality and the user's physical environment, making it possible to bring information and data to “life” in the real world. Our line of AR solutions provides you with the ability to interact with virtual content utilising a mobile phone, tablet, holographic headsets, such as Magic Leap or the Daqri Helmet.

The use and benefits of AR applications are extensive. With tablets and smartphones readily available, businesses utilising this intuitive, highly customisable, and cost-effective technology have the right tools for better customer engagement and user experience.

AR can significantly improve many areas of business, from creating better engagement for brands to improving safety and knowledge retention for Training and Maintenance.

We provide Augmented Reality solutions ready to utilise across all platforms and devices. With 21 of the best coders on our team and access to the latest devices and technology, our software solutions are future proofed, provide outstanding quality.

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