Revealing how much it costs to create a bespoke VR experience for your brand.

When virtual reality is mentioned, one of the first things that come to mind is budget…BIG budget! However, the technology has matured, moving beyond an expensive niche tool to mainstream and affordable.

VR has proven itself to be unbeatable for both marketing and business purposes. Benefits of VR include brand awareness, brand understanding, improved knowledge retention and emotional connection. But despite these benefits, the misconception around the cost of VR halts many teams from considering this powerful tool – especially small and medium-sized businesses.


Of course, creating a virtual reality experience comes with a price tag; it’s a well thought out process that requires scripting, 3D modelling and testing. But many studies have proven the investment, when done right, has a much higher return. Plus, with the different cost options, it is much more affordable than most assume.

Why develop a bespoke VR experience?

Developing a customised VR experience allows organisations to tailor the content to meet business goals best. For example, we can include in-game branding for brand awareness goals, data capturing forms for lead generation goals or replicate a specific environment to meet learning and development goals. Really, with a personalised VR app, the possibilities are endless and the experience timeless.

To help companies stop hesitating when it comes to VR, let’s reveal the three different cost options businesses can expect. All three options are for a customised VR simulation that is compatible with the latest and greatest VR technology – like Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE.

Low budget – approx. $10,000

For a smaller budget, experiences will be shorter in length but will still have the fundamental immersive interactions, branding and audio options to connect, attract and engage players.

Medium budget – approx. $20,000

For a mid-range budget, the experience will be slightly longer and have more evolved audio, interaction, and personalisation options.

High budget – approx. $50,000

For a big-budget anything is possible. Generally, the VR experience will be long and have a more complex narrative. It will be dynamic in terms of scripting, multiple levels, character development and personalisation.

It makes sense to consider VR, in the same way as making a movie. The more characters, environmental elements, length, and intricate plot lines, the higher the cost. The fewer of these things, the lower the price.

Beyond Budget

A budget should not be the only consideration when it comes to VR. Beyond the budget, when choosing a virtual reality developer, businesses also need to prioritise the user experience (UX). For the best UX, ensure the app has game-like production, in-experience branding and compatible with high-end headsets, such as Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE.

To Note: The costs mentioned in this article are indications of average only. Reputable VR development companies, like Sense-R, can make suggestions and recommendations based on your KPI’s and budget allowance.