Investments in VR by entertainment industries jump 79% in the latter half of 2017:

It could be clearly seen that Hollywood has been quite interested in AR and VR technologies as well as Mixed Reality tech. The latest funds tracking report by The Venture Reality Fund – a venture capital fund that tracks raised funds in AR and VR sector – shows that investments in the entertainment side of AR and VR fields have jumped 79% in the second half of 2017.

The comprehensive report by The Venture Reality Fund mentioned that over 450 companies are present that are developing tools, SDKs, platforms, and applications to contribute to the overall AR and VR ecosystem. Global-scale investments in the technologies have reached over $2.3 billion this year.

The report shows that investments in entertainment AR and VR is up 79% as compared to the same time period one year ago. Investments by enterprises have jumped 79%; Tools, SDKs, and platforms for the next generation of reality capture have risen 56 percent while investments towards infrastructure for tethered displays for the headsets have risen by 47%.

The venture capital fund firm reportedly evaluated over 3,000 companies to draw a clear picture of the current stand of VR. The companies that were selected by the firm were qualified by passing specific criteria of funding, revenue, major partnerships, and mainstream coverage of the companies. According to the report, the number of qualified companies has risen by 30% since the firm released Q1 2017.

Major Hollywood players that were among the top runners in the list of investors are AMC, Disney, DreamWorks Animations, Sony Pictures, Viacom, HBO, and Netflix. The firm – among many other believers – also believes that new VR experiences of “AAA” properties like Star Wars will help drive the growth of consumer VR in near future.