HTC VR arts program will bring exhibits to your living room:

We can all agree that VR is a great solution for delivering more immersive arts by taking you inside it. There have been countless respectable VR products that deserve to be recognized as “art”. All those products wouldn’t have been possible to experience if it were tried in the physical realm, nor would you be able to appreciate them as much from a 2-dimensional computer screen. Luckily, HTC has realized it and has made its move.

HTC is about to launch a multi-million-dollar program called Vive Arts, it will provide a platform for museums and other arts institutions seek out, fund, develop, and share revolutionary art pieces created in VR. Of course, it will also include apps that will give you all the news about this program along with a few VR experiences. The first of these applications is soon to be released.

Modigliani is made in collaboration with Tate Museum, London, it will showcase some of their top artists’ masterpieces in Virtual Reality. The exhibition is about to open on 23rd of November, at the time, you can either enjoy the integrated VR experience inside the Museum or just download the Viveport application and see it all in your home.

This is just the tip of the iceberg though, HTC has announced that there are over a dozen more such projects that will be made in collaboration with some of the top arts institutions of the world. These institutions and museums include Royal Academy of Arts, French National Museum of Nature, Taiwan’s National Palace Museum, and Newseum – a Berlin Wall exhibit.

While this news may not compel you to buy a VR headset and take the step into the virtual world – that I believe everyone will inevitably take one day, but this news does show that VR can be a medium to deliver unimaginably immersive arts experiences.