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Virtual Fire Fighting Simulator

NAFFCO, "with a global network spanning over 100 countries, is recognised as the unparalleled leader in fire safety." Their Airport Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) truck, the NAFFCO FALCON, is specially designed to meet the requirements of active intervention in case of an airport or aircraft related emergency. Vehicle specific ARFF simulators are essential for the training of crews in the deployment and operation of an ARFF truck.

NAFFCO ARFF Virtual Reality Simulator

Traditional simulators are large, expensive to construct, and transport, with limited options for creating realistic training scenarios. They also require a professional trainer to demo and instruct users on the controls, functions and operation sequences before any scenario simulation.

The NAFFCO FALCON engineering team wanted to create a VR fire simulator that would solve these challenges and provide state of the art; standards-approved solution that could generate ROI by becoming part of their commercial offering.

The VR Simulator created by SENSE-R and the NAFFCO FALCON engineering team is a first of its kind Virtual Reality ARFF Simulator, utilising advanced programming, applied physics and AI for fully immersive and genuinely realistic training experience.

The simulator is the virtual replica of ARFF Falcon (6x6) with all controls and functionality but without the cost, space, engineering and human resource requirements of a traditional simulator. The customizable, open-ended scenarios allow users to practice vehicle operation and positioning skills.

Using our VR firefighter simulator, responders can build the necessary insight and skills needed for any emergency at a fraction of the cost of live training and without any environmental side effects, making it an economical solution for any size of an airport.

The NAFFCO FALCON simulator reduces the logistical and financial cost of training on a physical simulator or the actual vehicle while maintaining training quality and increasing the opportunity for physical training sessions and practice.

Key Features:


◦ Accurate simulation of fires, smoke, spills, weather, and extinguishing agents (water, foam, and dry chemical).


◦ Virtual reality firefighter training lets you train staff while on duty

◦ Save on fuel, agent & vehicle costs

◦ Installed and portable systems with generic or specific vehicle controls are available and can be network enabled for team training.


◦ Scenario Generator for Instructor defined scenarios and training possibilities with an Observation and Scoring System for trainee record keeping.

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