VR House

Get smart with your water and energy consumption by visiting the Dewa virtual reality house.

DEWA – Smart Home 

This fully immersive Virtual Reality experience was commissioned by the Dubai Water and Electricity Authority to educate users and raise awareness about their water and energy saving program, TARSHEED. The aim was to design a fun, memorable yet educational experience that would stand out when compared to traditional media and video promotion.

The VR house tour transports users into a modern-day Emirati villa, featuring a variety of interactions. Information hot-spots guide the users through a series of activities designed to showcase DEWA's energy and water conservation tips. The real estate VR user experience is seamless and intuitive through the sound and visual clues, and the strategically placed information and instruction hotspots.

Features and Interactivity:
-Best-in-market visuals and sounds, built for a high-quality headset

-Over 12 Interactive experiences guide the user from the garden into the house, while turning off taps, switching off the lights, closing doors, windows, filling the washing machine, and so on.

-Voice commands direct the user on what to do next.

-In-experience branding (TV plays the real-life DEWA advert, paper on the kitchen table)

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